Chi Nguyen, PhD; Xian Zhang, PhD; Thomas Evers, PhD; Vincent J. Willey, PharmD; Hiangkiat Tan, MS, BPharm; Thomas P. Power, MD, FACC, MRCPI
Madison M. Wempe, BS; Mark D. Stewart, PhD; Daniel Glass, PhD; Laura Lasiter, PhD; Diana Merino Vega, PhD; Nisha Ramamurthy; Jeff Allen, PhD; Ellen V. Sigal, PhD
Navigating the Complex World of Diagnostic Tests and Their Role in Clinical Decision-Making
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Drew A. Helmer, MD, MS; Nilanjana Dwibedi, BPharm, MBA, PhD; Mazhgan Rowneki, MPH; Chin-Lin Tseng, DrPH; Dennis Fried, PhD; Danielle Rose, PhD; Nisha Jani, MPH, PhD; Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD
Mental Health Conditions Constitute Significant Comorbidity: The Impact on Potentially Avoidable Hospital Admissions
Gary M. Owens, MD
Qingqing Xu, MS; Sarah S. Laxa, PharmD; Omar Serna, PharmD, BCACP; Sujit S. Sansgiry, MS, PhD
Improving Medication Use for Chronic Diseases by Reducing Costs, Increasing Patient Adherence
F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, FASHP
Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs for Chronic Diseases
Impact of DPP-4 Inhibitors on Joint Pain in Older Veterans with Diabetes
Enhanced Understanding and Management of Rare Diseases Can Reduce Costs, Improve Clinical Outcomes
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