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Influencing Patient Outcomes Through Enhanced Multidisease-Focused Interventions
Dialysis Procedures and Health-Related Quality of Life: The Challenge of Creating Evidence-Based Healthcare in End-Stage Renal Disease
Accurate Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Can Reduce Costs and Medical Resource Utilization
Limited Guidelines and Treatment Success in the Current Standard of Care for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Provide an Opportunity to Inform New Treatment Protocols
Opportunities to Improve Urgent and Emergent Care Utilization
There’s Room for Improvement in Rosacea Treatment
Improved Clinical Outcomes with Newer Multiple Myeloma Therapies Associated with Increased Resource Utilization and Financial Burden
Oklahoma Benefits Program Setting an Example: A Cost-Effective Bundled Payments Option for State Employees
Impact of Step Therapy Restrictions in Diabetes Care
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