Jennifer Malin provides an overview of the need for increased access to care
John Hennessy discusses some of the challenges ACOs face in the oncology landscape
Randy Vogenberg provides an overview of some of the solutions providers are taking to ensure medication adherence.
Jennifer Mailn discusses the cost structure of novel therapeutics
Randy Vogenberg discusses the challenge of covering cancer care as survivorship increases
John Hennessy discusses the challenges in determining the cost value of cancer treatments
Ken Schaecher, MD, presents his own personal opinion on the multiple barriers to affordable high quality care for cancer patients.
Dr. Mullins speaks about the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and the importance of their input regarding the value of healthcare in oncology. This organization is in a good position to inform policymakers about the cost-effectiveness of various cancer therapies.
Listen to Dr. Kolodziej explain the oncology piolts he has been working on with Aenta.
During this segment Dr. Kolodziej discusses how there is a consistency with the vision people have.
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  • Value-Based Cancer Care
  • Value-Based Care in Rheumatology
  • Oncology Practice Management
  • Rheumatology Practice Management
  • Urology Practice Management
  • Inside Patient Care: Pharmacy & Clinic
  • National Association of Specialty Pharmacy
  • Lynx CME