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Laura T. Pizzi, PharmD, MPH

Her primary responsibilities include conducting funded research on the costs and outcomes of pharmaceuticals and other medical treatments. In addition, she teaches graduate coursework on these topics and serves as a mentor to students and junior faculty who are pursuing research experience in applied pharmacoeconomics and health economics research. Dr Pizzi has nearly 15 years of experience in writing and editing publications related to health economics and outcomes research, having authored or coauthored more than 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts and more than 70 peer-reviewed poster or podium presentations on these topics. She has testified before the US House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means regarding Medicare drug spending, is a coeditor of Economic Evaluation in U.S. Health Care: Principles and Applications, is a media advisor for the American Pharmacists Association, a member of the faculty council of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, and Director of the Vision Cost Research special interest group for the Wills Vision Research Center at Jefferson. She has served as Deputy Editor of American Health & Drug Benefits, and has been a member of the editorial boards for PharmacoEconomics and the Population Health Matters newsletter since 2011.
Last modified: December 27, 2018