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November 2018 Vol 11, No 8

Yihua Xu, PhD; Lavanya Sudharshan, MS; Ming-Ann Hsu, MPH; Andrew S. Koenig, DO, FACR; Joseph C. Cappelleri, PhD, MPH, MS; Wen F. Liu, PharmD, BCPS; Timothy W. Smith; Margaret K. Pasquale, PhD
Engaging Patients in Decision-Making for Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment
F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh
Eileen Koutnik-Fotopoulos
Avery A. Rizio, PhD; Michelle K. White, PhD; Kristen L. McCausland, MPH, PhD; Tiffany P. Quock, MS, PhD; Spencer D. Guthrie, MS, MBA, MPH; Miyo Yokota, PhD; Martha S. Bayliss, MS, MSc
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Richard A. Brook, MS, MBA; Krithika Rajagopalan, PhD; James E. Smeeding, RPh, MBA
The Importance of Clinical and Economic Support Systems for Caregivers
Michael Kleinrock

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