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Cori Gray, PharmD
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Madison M. Wempe, BS; Mark D. Stewart, PhD; Daniel Glass, PhD; Laura Lasiter, PhD; Diana Merino Vega, PhD; Nisha Ramamurthy; Jeff Allen, PhD; Ellen V. Sigal, PhD
Navigating the Complex World of Diagnostic Tests and Their Role in Clinical Decision-Making
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Zizi Elsisi, BPharm; Ana L. Hincapie, PhD; Jeff Jianfei Guo, BPharm, PhD
Utilization Challenges of Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis in a Medicaid Population
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
David Campbell, PharmD, MS; Marlo Blazer, PharmD, BCOP; Lisa Bloudek, PharmD, MS; John Brokars, MS; Dinara Makenbaeva, MD, MBA
The Challenges in Budgeting Potential Savings with the Launch of Generic Drugs
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Cori Gray, PharmD; Catherine E. Cooke, PharmD, MS (PHSR), BCPS, PAHM; Nicole Brandt, PharmD, MBA, BCPP, BCGP, FASCP
Successes and Challenges of the Medicare Part D MTM Program
Jack E. Fincham, PhD, RPh
Jeffrey T. Guptill, MD, MA, MHS; M. Chris Runken, PharmD; Michael Eaddy, PharmD, PhD; Orsolya Lunacsek, PhD; Rupali M. Fuldeore, MS
Enhanced Understanding and Management of Rare Diseases Can Reduce Costs, Improve Clinical Outcomes
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Kathleen F. Villa, MS; Nancy L. Reaven, MA; Susan E. Funk, MBA; Karen McGaughey, PhD; Jed Black, MD
Accurate Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Can Reduce Costs and Medical Resource Utilization
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Frank H. Lawler, MD, MSPH; Frank R. Wilson, CPA; G. Keith Smith, MD; Lynn V. Mitchell, MD, MPH
Oklahoma Benefits Program Setting an Example: A Cost-Effective Bundled Payments Option for State Employees
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Michael S. Broder, MD, MSHS; Tiffany P. Quock, PhD, MS; Eunice Chang, PhD; Sheila R. Reddy, PhD, RPh; Rajni Agarwal-Hashmi, MD; Sally Arai, MD; Kathleen F. Villa, MS
More Data Analysis Is Needed to Improve Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Maximize Appropriate Resource Use
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Michael J. Thorpy, MB, ChB; George Hiller, RPh
Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Narcolepsy May Also Help to Reduce the Associated Costs
James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA
Bettina M. Beech, DrPH, MPH; Tristan Cordier, MPH; Laura E. Happe, PharmD, MPH; Laura Trunk, MD; Gilbert S. Haugh, MS; Richard Kwong, MPH; Vipin Gopal, PhD; Roy A. Beveridge, MD
Patients’ Choice for Site of Care Motivated by More Than Cost Alone
James T. Kenney, Jr, RPh, MBA
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